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LEVANT was created in 1950, in Beirut, to import foreign press to Lebanon and distribute there. The company has grown dramatically since, enhancing its product portfolio to service many countries, covering today more than fifty territories spanning three continents: other than the Near and Middle East, Levant is present in Africa, the Americas, Eastern Europe, and parts of Asia. With offices and warehouses in key cities (New York, London, Paris, Geneva, Beirut), it has built a strong and reliable distribution network.

With the financial security Levant affords, publishers and national wholesalers are given the opportunity to reach places they have never been present before, like a corner kiosk on the beaches of Mauritius or a family bookshop in rural Romania.

Our multicultural approach allows us to mediate efficiently between publishers (or national wholesalers) and the local distributor in the various countries. The knowledge of the markets the company deals with, and the different conditions obtained in each, gives Levant the capability of adapting to be able to better inform, guide, and advise the publishers and wholesalers whose products it carries.

As the media grew, we, at Levant, have evolved to insure the dissemination of the full spectrum of printed and online publishing products: books, magazines, bookazines, calendars and so on...